Jonathon Bashford founded Bashford Law PLLC to help clients navigate complex laws and disputes with regulators in Washington and Oregon, with a philosophy of options-based legal advice and a sensitivity to operational reality.  

Jonathon draws on his prior experience in state government to advise proprietary and non-profit enterprises in a diverse range of state-regulated industries, including health care providers such as hospitals, pharmacies, and long term care providers; as well as consumer lenders, insurers, medical device distributors, third party logistics providers, and liquor and cannabis licensees. He has a strong record of success as a litigator in state and federal administrative hearings, complex civil litigation, and appeals.
Counseling: Government Law Specialist
  • Client Counseling. Regulations can be complex and vague. Bashford Law PLLC helps clients make informed decisions in the face of complexity and uncertainty. 
  • Certificates of Need. Washington and Oregon are "certificate of need" states, requiring state regulator approval prior to opening certain new healthcare facilities. Bashford Law PLLC helps clients navigate the application and appeal process.
  • Drafting and Review. Your daily operations can be a source of pride, or a source of liability. Bashford Law PLLC can review contracts, draft policies and procedures, and correspond with regulators with an eye toward avoiding or preemptively resolving disputes.
Litigation: Hearings and Appeals
  • Administrative Hearings. When an agency denies a license or imposes an enforcement action, the first step is often an adjudicative proceeding before the agency itself. Administrative hearings offer the possibility of a quick resolution to your dispute, but can also impact your rights permanently. Jonathon has litigated dozens of agency hearings on a range of issues including certificates of need, facility licensure and survey, Medicaid, consumer lending, and more. Bashford Law PLLC can help you to build a strong record and develop your best legal arguments.
  • Judicial Review. The Administrative Procedure Act ensures that government agencies act rationally and within the bounds of the law. Jonathon understands the APA both as a challenger and defender of agency action. Bashford Law PLLC can help you block agency action that is unlawful or arbitrary, or protect your rights if a third party attempts to overturn a favorable agency decision.
  • Appeals. A decision from the Court of Appeals can control not just the case at hand, but every similar situation you and your industry face for years to come. Jonathon is the lead author of over a dozen appellate briefs, and an experienced oral advocate with nine victories before the Washington Court of Appeals and Washington Supreme Court. Bashford Law PLLC can help focus on your best arguments with an eye toward long-term legal trends.
Jonathon's Representative Matters
  • Certificates of Need. Successfully defended certificates of need for two new psychiatric hospitals against challenges by competitors. Successful motions practice securing right of skilled nursing facility to relocate without new CN conditions. Regularly advise clients on CN process and strategy.
  • State Agency Enforcement Action. Defended financial services firm and manager against alleged violations of Washington Consumer Loan Act and Consumer Protection Act, in state administrative hearing and superior court action for writ of mandamus.
  • Federal Agency Enforcement Action. Defended skilled nursing facility before HHS Departmental Appeals Board against fines imposed by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
  • Legislation. Lead author of long term care pharmacy legislation proposed by Washington trade group, later adopted as a proposal by the Department of Health and passed into law by the Legislature.
  • Assisted Living Regulations. Helped stakeholder group to draft proposed regulations governing AL facility physical plant design and electronic monitoring.
  • Third Party Logistics Licensure. Oversaw multistate licensing of 3PL in connection with nationwide shipping of legend medical devices. 
  • False Claims Act Investigation. Following discovery of documentation errors, conducted internal investigation and advised home health agency regarding potential federal overpayment.
  • Many More. Jonathon has provided clients with regulatory compliance advice and helped resolve disputes with the Washington Department of Financial Institutions, Health Care Authority, Department of Social and Health Services, State Patrol, Liquor and Cannabis Board, and others.